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Remodeling & Restoration
At Kings Construction, we’re not just contractors in Redding, CA; we’re creators of comfort and style.
New Construction
Our new construction services are designed to reflect your unique lifestyle and preferences from the ground up.
Exteriors (Decks/Siding)
We blend aesthetics with functionality, crafting decks that offer the perfect outdoor retreat for your home.
Electrical Contracting

We offer electrical solutions that combine form with function.

Who We Are


Kings Construction is more than a name; it’s a guarantee of excellence. With a team of experienced, licensed, and insured professionals, we stand as a beacon of quality among contractors in Redding, CA. Our projects, ranging from foundational work to intricate finishes, are executed with a passion that reflects in every detail, ensuring transformative results that last.




Kings Construction is committed to bringing top-tier construction services to a wide area. Contact us to see if we serve your location!
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